Wound Care

Great Efficacy. Maximum Tolerance.

Microcyn technology


In order to heal wounds as quickly as possible, effectivity and safety (non-toxicity) must be united. The use of natural body ingredients will speed up the healing process by stimulating the body’s immune system.

The main component, hypochlorous acid (HOCl), is naturally produced as part of our immune system during phagocytosis. When neutrophils encounter bacteria or other pathogens, the neutrophils engulf it, generate HOCl and instantly destroys the microorganism. This process is called the “oxidative burst”.

Greater Than


reduction in killing 23 different microorganisms


For the treatment of acute and chronic wounds as well as first- and second-degree burns

Over 100+ research articles, posters, case and clinical studies showcase both the efficacy and safety of the Microcyn® technology.

Kills microorganisms in Biofilm

Assists Wound Healing


Microcyn® Technology

Safely eradicates biofilm and other irritants. Reduces inflammation, pain, itch and swelling fast. Increasing oxygen to the area in need helps accelerate the body’s natural healing process.


Trusted By Doctors & Patients Around the World.

Born in northern California, Sonoma Pharmaceuticals began with HOCl based products for wound care patients. After significant success helping millions of patients, Sonoma has since expanded into dermatology, nasal care, bladder care and animal health. Today, Sonoma is the global leader in HOCl based health care solutions.